Project Goals

The aim of this project is the visualization and promotion of the unique connection between contemporary dance, song, literature, and drama as well as the bringing together of artists from diametrically different genres and artistic orientations.

The project shows the extraordinary importance of women as objects of artistic desire and makes them the center of events. A distinctive feature of the project is the age of the artists. All three are between 40 and 65 years old. Each brings their own life experiences, a. o. a result of the challenges she faces as an aging artist on and behind the stage.

Although sophisticated in song and music, the program is accessible to the broad theater audience of all ages. The actions on stage are easy to comprehendible at the same time, leave much room for their own interpretations.

The poems of the persecuted Russian poets Anna Akhmatova and Alexander Blok, speak about inner emotional prison and the rescuing emotional states of mind and body. Songs and compositions by the 20th century Russian and English composers like D. Shostakovich, S. Prokofiev, J. Tavener, as well as contemporary Russian, England based composer Elena Firssova, and American Aaron Minsky emphasize the idea and bring a distinctive “edge” to the dramaturgy of the evening. Firsova deserves special attention, as it is one of the few contemporary composers who both demonstrate a secure mastery of contemporary compositional techniques and at the same time developing the ideas of the Second Viennese School. She was also one of the “Khrennikov´s seven.”

Read here an interview with Elena Firsova

The selection of vocal and cello solos and the deliberate choice of the Butoh Dance, inspired by the Japanese art of movement, make this evening an event and encourage curiosity to explore and experience new things.

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