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The “In the Cube” project is part of one of the planned trilogy “Woman’s World”, which comprises three separate performances:

  1. “In the Cube” (Trapped in)
  2. “Out of the Cube” (Breaking Out) and
  3. “Outside of the Cube” (Beeing Free)

All three parts deal with the mental and emotional challenges of a (modern) woman. The first part tells the story of two women – who can not be more different on the outside either. One, in the light cube, small, lean and unhappy. One, outside the cube, female, full-blooded, is apparently content and happy. During the evening, it turns out that both women are actually a woman.

Although alive to the outside and supposedly free, one, outside of the light cube (soprano Oxana Arkaeva), appears trapped in her inner self, represented by the woman in the light cube (Katharina Krummenacker, dancer). She senses the emotions, doubts and fears of the trapped woman, as well as her invisible presence, but does not cope with it and flees into the pretended joy and melancholy.

The trapped woman on the other hand wants to be like the free woman outside. She tries to break out over and over. With success. The two women meet, if only for a short time. Then the escaped decides to go back into her emotional captivity. Fo the other verything that has happened seems to be a dream. She returns to her normal life. Nothing changes!

The performance raises existential questions: Who has has the key to his/hers own (emotional) freedom? And who is responsible for his/hers fate? The artistic statement, changing emotional states, singing, dance and cello solo are supported by a lit cube, black stage and simple costumes.

The predominantly modern music compositions by Dmitri Schostakowitsch, John Tavener, England based russian composer Elena Firssowa und Sergej Prokofiev give the project the unique artistic and musical feature. Through the unique combination of contemporary dance, singing and music, it offers an unique artistic and educational opportunity to experience these rarely performed pieces in one set and one evening.

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