Part 2: Out Of The Light Cube – Breaking Out

After a successful premiere of “In The Cube – Life in the Light Cube” in September 2019, the indented trilogy “Woman’s World” returns to the ROXY Labor 1/12 with the 2nd part – “Out of the Light Cube – Breaking Out.” When in the first part, we experienced a woman, who initially breaks out of her inner emotional prison (the light cube) and then voluntarily returns to the light prison, the focus is in the second part is directed on the woman’s liberation.

Based on the works of the two baroque composers Barbara Strozzi and Francesca Caccini, who, after more than 400 years, begin to receive enough attention and acknowledgment, the story of a strong female artist who dares to break out of the prison established by society is told.

Sung and played by Oxana Arkaeva and Cornelia Lanz and staged by director Birgit Kronshage, the path to more independence and self-determination is presented here through the encounter with the strong, self-confident female figures of the baroque opera heroines of Handel, Vivaldi, and Monteverdi. Because the baroque opera stage presented female artists/singers a unique opportunity to live through the utopia of equality and eye to eye confrontation between men and women, which was unthinkable in the every day Baroque Era’s life. Thus, the stage becomes a place of spiritual and emotional emancipation and liberation, which ultimately enables the artist to break out of the symbolic light cube.

Cellist Mariana Vodita – Gluth will again provide musical accompaniment, and Fay Neary will play the piano. True to the Zeitgeist, the event is accompanied by exciting video sequences and digital processing of the participating artists’ faces. Among other things, this is intended to highlight women’s versatility as artists on and behind the stage and to bring a certain entertainment factor into the whole thing.

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